Pharmadelic Labs aims to develop a portfolio of intellectual property around biosynthesis pathways for creating compounds. This has great potential for application in the pharmaceuticals industry.

The company's patent portfolio will develop as follows:
  1. File for provisional patent applications
  2. Continue to update patents as technology develops
  3. Strengthen existing patents with further applications around biosynthesis pathways as results are known
Here’s how the biosynthesis of psilocybin works:

Step 1

Order synthetic DNA from hallucinogenic mushrooms

Step 2

Install DNA into genome of industrial brewing yeast

Step 3

Cultivate yeast on a large scale

Step 4

Extract psilocybin

Step 5

Create pharmaceutical products



Pharmadelic Labs’ biosynthesis process is clean and economical, and much quicker than cultivating mushrooms by themselves – 3 days rather than 10 weeks. It also ensures consistent levels of psilocybin and is safe due to yeast’s status as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

Pharmadelic Labs will also be providing an effective alternative to chemical synthesis. Chemical synthesis of psilocybin costs upwards of $7,000 per gram, which is far more expensive than our methods